General Information


Aruba Vacation Park has its own village, Aruba Resort. Located on one of the most beautiful places in Aruba, in the beautiful nature and at the foot of the haystack.
We offer you the unique opportunity to Aruba Villaggio your own villa or apartment to buy, of which there are only a few are available, full ownership basis and at very affordable prices.

All homes are built with 1st class Dutch materials and Dutch solidity and quality.
There is also considering taking on the maintenance and weather in the tropics Aruban. As the application of HPL (plastic) buoy parts, plastic outer casings, estimate (tilt and turn) in (slide) doors. Due to the sloping roof and the girders in the hood in the visibility, within, an enormous spacious effect with the open sloping roof created within. In both the bedrooms and the living room and kitchen in the villas. And this spatial effect is evident also in the apartments on the 1st floor.

The houses each have their own electricity meter, water meter, Cable TV connection and telephone connection. ( After purchase of the property, your name will be put. )
The apartments have a living area of 60 m2. And the apartments on the ground floor while each also has its own garden, full ownership land.
The villas are built on land ownership and the lots are more. 503 and m2 is greater.
Each villa is also the opportunity and space to own a garage or bedroom to build.

Prices for the apartments and villas are unfurnished. Any existing air conditioners and ceiling fans for free, but without guarantee, it will be taken over.
If desired, it is possible to, for a small fee, the complete device ( such as furniture, beds, curtains etc. ) it to take over the. Making your home, easy, is ready to live.

The types of houses are named after Aruban stones. All homes are on the outside with a fresh and peaceful color, giving it an appropriate appearance. There are different types of apartments and villas, with the various models covered terraces, this gives it an unique characteristic appearance. And surrounded by the magnificent gardens Aruban, which have been built under architecture, this makes it complete.

We also have some free plots available, where you can build your own dream home. For further info, see the plots in Aruba Resort page.

Within walking distance of the park is located to the unique water park with restaurant, located amidst the green valley of St. Cross. With a separate entrance for residents of Aruba Villaggio.
The waterpark day against tree accessible to everyone. There are also at very competitive prices are annual subscriptions available.
Of the water park you will hear nothing in the homes. So you gain in your own home can enjoy the peace, space and natural beauty where the park is known for.

Come take a look at our park. We welcome you for a free tour.
Or come take a sneak preview, your future personal villa or apartment to try. By renting them for example a week's holiday. If you then proceed to sale, you 1 week rent back from us.

For the price should in any case not to.
As the apartments are already on sale from Euro  63.999,= k.k.For further info, see appartementen page.

The sale prices of the villas start from Euro 113,999, = k.k.For further info, ze de koopvilla's Página's.

Both the apartments and the villas are ideal for permanent residence. But even if 2nd house is a good investment. If you want to use your property for rental, is that no problem. You are solely and entirely free in your house rent and there is no intervention of 3e. What you really can talk about your dream home in Aruba.
And if you are interested in have. Then we can for the rental of your property also refer to a local broker on Aruba, we work with. And already many houses rented at our park.

There are many opportunities at the park. We help you to realize your dreams.
If you would like further information, questions or want an appointment to come to our park. Please feel free to call us at our offices in the Netherlands and Aruba. We gladly answer your questions.