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Aruba Dutch admission policy change

The Government of Aruba declares through an official publication of
d.d. 21 February 2001 , that respect to the admission of Dutch,
immediately and in anticipation of a formal amendment of the Ordinance on Admission and Expulsion, the following policy will apply:

* Dutch:
This revised policy applies to individuals with Dutch nationality, which no distinction is made between European Dutch, Dutch – Dutch Antillean or persons who have been naturalized to Dutch
( “new Dutch”)

* Criteria:
To be eligible for a license, seeking the stay, the Dutchman to show and to have:

1. Adequate housing,

2. Sufficient means of subsistence, in

3. A certificate of good conduct.

If these criteria are met, may issue the permit not be refused.

* Duration of license:
The permit is issued for the duration of the employment, for a period of up to 3 years. After the validity of the authorization shall request a permit issued for an indefinite period.

* Work Prohibition partner / spouse(the)t(and):
The issue of a residence permit to a Dutchman made no longer work under simultaneous imposition of a ban on their partner or. spouse(the)t(and).
When submitting the first application, information gathered on the profession of the partner or spouse(o)t(e), while issuing the license the licensee is requested to inform the Directorate of Labour when the partner or. spouse(o)t(e) actually going outhe toandwork.

* License indefinitely:
As is the case with people who as a result of naturalization obtained Dutch nationality, is to European Dutch and Dutch – Dutch Antillean after 3 year valid stay in Aruba for a license granted indefinitely.
After a period of 10 year are referred to persons legally authorized.

Aruba Act and Regulations

To Aruba to work is having a residence- and work required.

* Application for permit
All requests for a residence permit with or without permission to work are from 24 June 2002 exclusively occupied by the staff of DINA Team Taking, Registration and Information. This intake takes place every weekday from 08.00 – 12.00 and of 13.30 – 16.00.

1. Applications not complete, are not taken into consideration.

2. 1email requests for or on behalf of a licensing may only be submitted if the person is located outside Aruba.

3. Only the employer / sponsor or a person authorized by him in writing for , other than the licensing or à © à © n his family , can an employer / sponsor signed request to the DINA .

4. Those who on behalf of the employer / sponsor submits the application, a written authorization (proxy ) consult.

5. A representative acting on behalf of the client , which remains fully responsible.

6. Where an application for a residence permit with permission to work at DINA is submitted, the request must be accompanied by the settlement of the employer and an extract from the Commercial Register of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Aruba (Chamber of Commerce).

7. For a à © à © nmanszaak requires an extract from the register of the Chamber of Commerce .

8. It is also requires a uittrekstel from the Population (Census) the address of the employer and – a request for extension – of the address of the worker.

9. An extension should also be provided copies of the monthly for the employee paid income tax and national insurance payments and copies of the monthly pay slips â € ~ â € ™ of the employee.

10. For Colombia, it is only the â € ~ â € ™ DAS booklet (criminal record ) certificate of good conduct as accepted.

11. Religious marriages are not accepted as such. Only when it is registered in the registers of civil status , such as eg. in Venezuela and Colombia is recognized

12. The application for renewal must at least 3 months before the license expires to be requested by the employee / licensee himself. Person should be on a current certificate from the employer to consult. The relevant licensee may, pending the final decision of the authority issuing the authorization, continue its work with the same employer.

13. Employers who work with illegal immigrants will be prosecuted.

14. Also, employers will be prosecuted which no wage and / or national insurance to pay for their employees.

15. If it appears that no premium is paid MWV's license may be refused or revoked.

16. No license issued to a resident maid , va ³ Ã ³ RDAT MWV for one year the premium has been paid. Leave the resident maid the Land before the expiration of the permit has expired, refund of the premium can be obtained in proportion to the Inspector of Taxes. The departure of a certificate shall be submitted (copy ticket, original receipt , and deregistration from the population).

17. The fee is payable by the employer / sponsor in submitting the request to be paid. The fee before the license will be handled.

18. If after three months the payment has not yet arrived, or has failed to submit the required documentation from the employer / sponsor , the application is automatically imposed and a new request to be submitted.

19. The admission officer is obliged at all times (changes in) his / her family situation to give the DINA.

20. DINA will only accept copies «n as the authenticity of documents to the satisfaction of the Director is proven.

21. At Empire Contemporaries may as rentier / retired a permit for temporary residence under work ban be granted, if they can prove to have a gross income from pension or power of at least Afl. 75.000,= Per year, have adequate accommodation and have continued to meet all the requirements of immigration law (LTU ) states. There should be an arrangement with the MWV to be taken.

22. If the rentier during the license period change of permit conditions that effect, that he still can participate in the labor, he must submit a formal request to. The Labor Department will request in the usual way be tested in the labor market.

23. Dutch can not for a license as rentier / retired eligible, insofar as they age 55 have reached or exceeded. The spouse is allowed, but further family reunification or family is not allowed. The Dutchman on the requirements specified in paragraph 21 shall apply mutatis mutandis.

24. Children of country children , that foreign nationals, are strangers and so license . Once again they have the Dutch nationality, they fall under Article 1 lid 1 f of the LTU (by majority ) and are no longer license .

25. From 1 January 2002 Everyone is 18 years and older (= Age and not legally belong to the family ), which is applied to the LTU, independent license . This also applies to children whose à © à © n older with an Aruban(is) is married.

26. At hostesses, is authorized for three months. After leaving it for three years may not again be employed in Aruba.

27. Only in Aruba, Dutch may in casinoâ € ™ s work.

28. After the expiry of the license period as well as premature bea «termination of employment, the employer is responsible for ensuring that the employee within the Country Aruba 3 weeks leave..

* Rich Contemporaries
Anticipatory on the amendment of Article 3, paragraph, part f, of LTU not get the Dutch born in Aruba (o.a. European Dutch ) that work which have no land available child, admission indefinitely ex 6 lid 3 LTU. They must have a certificate of good conduct consultations with apostille and have appropriate housing , good health and sufficient resources [BN1] . Antillean professional persons are authorized for an indefinite period with a particular employer , to be changed if they change employers. For them a key to first request of the Directorate of Labour is not required[1]. They must meet the requirement of suitable housing , good health, sufficient resources and a certificate of good conduct . On the admitted family members shall not work ban imposed.

* Dutch tourists
Pending the amendment of Article 8 LTU second paragraph and Article 2 second member of the Admissions Decision , rich may enjoy maximum 6 months for tourist stay in Aruba stays, if they have adequate housing, valid travel documents and sufficient income, or are payable by one or more solvent Guarantor. They may not perform paid or unpaid work. Stay is denied as not having sufficient means of support or adequate housing has.

* Deposit
When requesting a residence permit in addition to the cost of residence permit (Afl.2000,- for adults and Afl. 1000,- for minors) A deposit required. At present this is approximately Afl. 2000,-. In most cases, the (future) employer guarantee and deposit account for. The deposit paid is in the name of the alien. The deposit can only be refunded to the employer and the employee before an authorization issued, the employee after ten years of legal residence will receive a license for an indefinite period à ³ f the foreign worker permanently leaves Aruba. Therefore it must be shown a deregistration from the Population and copy of one way ticket to the country of origin and the original receipt (green card or card deposit). Does the worker to another employer, then the first employer shall deposit not reclaim or recover the new employer.

* Trainees
Interns and trainees may under no circumstances take jobs or functions exercised by Dutch born in Aruba , rich people enjoyed and not subject to authorization can be exercised.

The institution or company, where the training / practice will take place, should the foreign educational institution completed stage-/praktijkovereenkomst to submit, which agreement must specify the purpose of training / practice, the contents of the operations and stage-/praktijkprogramma designated supervisor. Subjects may receive compensation and their will be a temporary residence permit under work ban be granted for the duration of their stage-/praktijkperiode, but may not exceed more than twelve months. During this period of twelve months, they should not be admitted for a second time as an intern / trainee. After the end or termination of their training / practice they should, given the purpose of their training / practice, Aruba within three weeks left. Those involved must be insured against cost of illness and accidents.

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You can also contact the Tourist Office of Aruba in the Netherlands, such. 070 3028040