Aruba Waterpark

Also fancy a spectacular dive !?
Come and enjoy the Park with the spectacular slides and rapids.
Aruba Vacation Park - Waterpark for a great day out full of water fun, for young and old.
Tucked in the middle of the beautiful countryside of Aruba. At a unique location, at the foot of the haystack.

If you book your dream holiday with us, You can enjoy unlimited, free of our great water park.
But even if you are a guest staying at our park, You can contact us for a full day of. Day visitors can withstand very sharp, local prices, Also come and enjoy a wonderful day of water.
For day visitors of our aquatic, the entrance to the staircase of the haystack.

Aruba Vacation Park – Waterpark

For a complete and enjoyable holiday. And all for a very attractive price. The water park is a lot farther on our site. So you at our villas and apartments will not be affected has. And the rest is still there, where our guests have to talk about his.

The Waterpark is 5 spectacular slides, where young and old to enjoy lots of water.

As o.a. of 2 spectacular and rapid Kamikaze slides.
And what about the rugged Whitewater River !!

We invite you really want to come and enjoy this unique water spectacle slides, what a great sensation in Aruba.

The starting point of all 5 the rough and lightning-fast slides, located on the platform of a unique miners cottage. Which offers breathtaking views over the green valley of St. Cross. The slides are in the middle of the impressive Aruban nature and its natural rock formations. Of 4 rapid slides out in a separate splash pool. The 5th slide is the roughest. It begins as a slide and then goes into a whitewater river 210 cm. breed. Whereupon, after a sensational sliding party 250 meters in the large lagoon swimming suits.

Dare you to !?

And in the center of the water park is the newest attraction, therefore that the waterpark is completely off.
A children's swimming pool or 1.500 m2 in which a giant Waterfort state.

And the bucket above the Waterfort provides the biggest thrill. This fills with 1.000 liters of water, that is then flipping and provides for guaranteed water fun !
The children can safely climb and climb and play in the towers on the walkways. Enjoying the nozzles and the 5 slides with their bright colors.
For the smallest there is a separate area with a water mushroom.

And if you want to do anything to slow down, Relax in the large lagoon pool float over 1.000 m2. In the middle a big rock, where a landscaped waterfall flows from.

A day waterpark, is guaranteed water fun for young and old.

Are your kids after a wonderful day full of fun in the water are not tired yet. Beside the restaurant is still great fun playground waiting for them. Enjoy relaxed relaxing in the restaurant, while your kids are full of fun playing with climbing, climbing and swinging in the wooden play castle.

Beside the pool is the unique new restaurant. Where every day, for very attractive prices, can enjoy various dishes from the extensive breakfast, buffet lunch en diner. Daily fresh prepared for you by our chefs.
For the cravings in between is our snack bar. Where to go for chips, hamburger, ices, pastechi's etc..
And at our bar, you can enjoy a drink reminisce on another blissful holiday.

Also for ( children) parties, weddings, corporate, birthday celebrations, communion etc.. You can contact us.
We inform you about the various possibilities, what we like to match your personal needs.

Located amidst the beautiful countryside of Aruba is the water park one of the largest swimming facilities in Aruba, for young and old.

In short, another reason to rent on Aruba Vacation Park. For our guests may make unlimited use of this amazing water spectacle.

Aruba Vacation Park, where man and nature meet.

Enjoy the tranquility and hospitality as usual.
And enjoy our spectacular Waterpark and Restaurant.

Do not wait and book directly your dream vacation in Aruba Vacation Park.
We look forward to seeing!!

Would you rather get some rest by the pool. Or just a quick dip. This can also. Opposite our Apartments is a beautifully situated and beautifully landscaped tropical pool Aruba. In the middle of the Aruban nature of Cacti and trees Dividivi, at the foot of the striking Mount Haystack, ( Haystack ) short with a real tropical garden Aruba. Aruba Around the pool is a spacious sun terrace made, with umbrellas and sunbeds. A feast for the eye for someone who love peace and occasionally keeps cool.

Aruba Waterpark is inspired by the old mining time, the search for gold (goldruss) and the Aruban donkey for the necessary transport of gold from the grooves was used.
In Aruba are 2 old pit mines, where once gold has been mined, on view.

On behalf of our mascot called Padushi please welcome!!
Padushi served in Papiamento Dear Old Grandad.