Aruba Weer

Excellent Aruba weather conditions:
The weather is always sunny in Aruba, 365 days per year well Aruba again and this good weather in Aruba and Aruba in a comfortable temperature, is the Aruba weather and partly due to the trade winds Aruba always beautiful weather here in Aruba and very nice place to Aruba again this , sometimes a short Aruba tropical rain.

Aruba Hurricane Fri:
Aruba Aruba is outside the hurricane zone, assuring you of good weather in Aruba with a pleasant climate all year round, you have good weather Aruba , 365 days per year Aruba Aruba sun and sea temperatures averaging 26 degree Celsius.

With Hurricane Ivan in Aruba, in the night of 8 on 9 september 2004 at a great distance along Aruba attracted, Aruba has again proven right to say outside the hurricane zone are Aruba and Aruba hurricane free. Aruba is located around and above us. Always a warm airflow. If it were busy Aruba Hurricanes through which hot air away. Now again we were well on the path of Ivan see him with a winding around Aruba is gone. There has been no damage. There was no extra strong wind , there was just less rather than more wind and the time of the year it is normal that we occasionally Aruba tropical rain received (good for our plants), after which it again radiantly beautiful and sunny Aruba weather.

The most beautiful beaches of the Caribbean Aruba:
Very clean, Aruba white sand beaches that you can walk for miles, contrasting with the beautiful and very clean bright light Aruba- deep blue and calm sea. In Aruba the sea are many different types Aruba Aruba coral reefs and tropical fish. Aruba Aruba is perfect for diving and snorkeling in Aruba.