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Number of bedrooms: 1 of 2
Number of bathrooms: 1 incl. sanitary
Location: 1e floor balcony or ground floor with terrace and private garden.
Total living area: 60 m2 incl. overhangs and terraces.
The spacious apartments are fully equipped with Cas Dialiet tiles. And each has a beautiful kitchen incl. electric hob and hood and a full bathroom with toilet. The kitchen turns into the spacious living room. And through the sliding door running over to the covered balcony on 1st floor. With a magnificent view towards St. Cross. Or your covered patio on the ground floor, with you as your own spacious garden in step.

The apartments on the ground floor, each with its own front and back full ownership land. The angle also has a spacious garden apartments on the side there have, of 2 feet wide. What about the entire depth of the apartment and the front yard to the rear through, creating a garden of over 50 m2 of additional results.

The apartments are available with 1 , and with 2 separate bedrooms, both on the ground floor and 1st floor. The master bedroom has its own adjustable air conditioning and possible 2nd bedroom has a ceiling fan or an air conditioner.

There is ample parking for the apartments, adjacent to the front doors on the ground floor.

App. with 1 bedroom on 1st floor ( type 5L ) Euro 63.999, = k.k.
App. with 2 bedrooms on 1st floor ( type 5G ) Euro 65.999, = k.k.
App. with 1 master bedroom on the ground floor + front and back ( type 5E ) Euro 67.999, = k.k.
App. with 2 bedrooms on the ground floor + front and back ( type 5C ) Euro 68.999, = k.k.
Hoekapp. with 2 bedrooms on the ground floor + front and rear and side garden (type 5F) Euro 69.999, = k.k.