Location Aruba Vacation Park

Location of Aruba Aruba Vacation Park :
Aruba Vacation Park is quiet, but not isolated to the Haystack, see below, Aruba map, in the heart of Aruba. It is situated in the middle of a natural and beautiful surrounding with cactuses and Aruba rock formations. There is on Aruba Vacation Park no irritating noise. Your eventual new Aruba home near fresh food shops and schools.

An excellent location on Aruba, CENTER near everywhere.

The route from the Aruba airport to Aruba Vacation Park on Aruba.
The Aruba map you follow the red line from the Aruba airport, what you have to Aruba Vacation Park (the red dot on the map ) near the Haystack brings.

You drive to the exit of the airport.
You see there traffic lights.
You cross over.
Aan einde the way (on ca. 2 km) you come to a T – intersection on the map, as above, it can be seen.
You turn right and follow the road towards Santa Cruz.
The ca. 2 km you will see on your left the Haystack Hill, but you continue farther down the road.
The ca. 400 meter driving on the left you will see the entrance of Aruba Vacation Park.
For the Pink painted entrance wall along the road 6 large billboards with state Aruba Vacation Park
Villa's a Appartementen FOR RENT FOR SALE one
Directly at the entrance, if you Aruba Vacation Park , there at the right blue villa the board OFFICE. If you want to report as we are there to serve you further to.

Aruba Vacation Park is:
Only 5 minutes from the capital ORANJESTAD
Under 5 minutes from the big Aruba International Airport, REINA BEATRIX.
Only 5 minutes from Aruba kilometers long white beaches and crystal clear and calm blue sea beautiful Aruba. With the marvelous Aruba corals and tropical fish and beautiful Aruba Aruba diving and snorkeling.
Central on Aruba will find the luxury Aruba shopping malls, talloze internationale restaurants, museums and an exciting nightlife for all ages.

In the north there are the dozens of Aruba hotels and the rugged coast with the Aruba natural bridge.
Buses, small and big stop at the entrance of Aruba Vacation Park
Aruba Vacation Park on Aruba has a Dutch management.