Weddings in Aruba

Aruba Weddings in Aruba under the tropical sun on the paradise island,

Possible in our beautifully landscaped Waterpark and Restaurant located in the Aruban nature.

Together with your family and friends on our Aruba Vacation Park, stay in our beautifully designed detached villas and apartments and celebrate your party in our Restaurant and Waterpark.

Have not you always though of, to celebrate your wedding in the enchanting atmosphere of the Aruba Waterpark. Along with the spacious attractive restaurant, middle of the impressive Aruban nature.
Contact us for your dream into reality.

And what about, order to have a beautiful wedding photograph the. For example, from the starting platform of the slides, with its fantastic vista.

An unforgettable and beautiful fairytale wedding for you,together with your loved ones.

Since 1 January 2002 , residents of the kingdom of the Netherlands to marry on the island of Aruba. Condition is that you at least 18 years old and forms fourteen days before handing it to the Registry of Aruba. That does not personally.

For more information about Aruba and marry a copy of the new legislation in Aruba, please contact the Tourist Office of Aruba, such. 070 3028040