Why Aruba Vacation Park

Aruba Vacation ParkWaterpark
For more than 20 years your specialist Aruba !!

We offer you fully furnished Aruba Apartments and Aruba Villa's.
What to rent per week, per month and per year.

You feel at home and in your own home, but in Aruba.
And the longer you will rent the cheaper relative. We keep our prices competitive.
If you book your dream holiday with us, You can enjoy unlimited, free of our great waterpark.
We also offer you the unique opportunity to buy an apartment or villa in the park. Detailed information for this, can be found on the page, ARUBA VILLAGGIO KOOPWONINGEN.

Aruba Vacation Park on Aruba is a great place to stay. There is an oasis of calm. Stay and relax amidst the beautiful and attractive nature of the vast estate of Aruba Vacation Park, what up 220.000 m2 is, with many birds and other species and with plenty of space around you. And a lot of hiking in the beautiful Aruban nature.

Aruba Vacation Park for the best, best and quietest location of the Caribbean.

The park is completely enclosed and through the barrier at the- and output, you can only access in or out with a personal entrance. This is only accessible to residents, This ensures your privacy, the more you have your visitors by the entrance so you are sure that in Aruba Vacation Park in a safe and quiet and beautiful to live. Partly because it is very safe for children who can safely and undisturbed at the park playing. Word on Aruba Vacation Park enjoying real and you come to a well deserved rest.

The last day most of your stay enjoy: An additional service of Aruba Vacation Park. Because your plane's mostly’ Aruban night time only leaves we offer, dependent by booking, the possibility of the last day, and even longer to be able to continue to IOM. us later in the afternoon to check out. You can all rest day in the house to spend, still enjoy the water park and all the beauty that Aruba has to offer.
Right next to the entrance of Aruba Vacation Park is a supermarket and a launderette.

Buses big and small, stop frequently just before the entrance of the park and take you anywhere quickly go. Especially in the early morning there are a lot of extra minivans, or even to the 5 minutes.