Why Aruba

Information about Aruba:
Aruba's strategic location between major areas of origin on the one hand, Europe and North- and South America on the other side and the excellent accessibility, contribute significantly to the popularity of this holiday Aruba.

No destination is Aruba. 1 in the Caribbean:
Aruba Aruba is among the most popular holiday – Aruba and retirement destinations in the Caribbean and not without reason. Aruba has everything a holiday to a holiday paradise. The south coast with its miles of white sandy beaches, beautiful dive sites, luxe shopping – malls, numerous international restaurants and an exciting nightlife for all ages.

Healthcare in Aruba
Excellent medical facilities:
The good medical facilities in Aruba Aruba dr. Oduber hospital have an international reputation. It is based on the Dutch system. This Aruba hospital works closely with various hospitals in the Netherlands as the Academic Medical Center Amsterdam.
This guarantees the best possible medical care in the Caribbean.
Remember, for health is wealth.

Aruba Drinking Water
The drinking water in Aruba Aruba is the cleanest and purest tap water in the world . The water company of Aruba Aruba , it purifies tap water and filters are so , that it is at the end of the process is also a further through the coral Aruba goes to thereby as the purest Aruba spring water from the tap to come. The Aruba drinking water is perfect for drinking straight from the tap, without boiling.

Population in Aruba
Composition of population:
population of Aruba is a mixture of Indian, Spanish, Dutch and other nationalities.

Nice and friendly people:
If you want to settle somewhere, it is very pleasant to live there where the population is friendly. The Aruban people are naturally good-natured and friendly, so also for visitors. It welcomes you with their friendly and good-hearted nature of life. That explains the Aruban saying:


On Aruba, Dutch and English spoken:
The Arubans speak four languages ​​often, besides the already mentioned Dutch and English, they speak Spanish and also the colorful local language Papiamento.

Political system of Aruba

Lage Criminaliteit:
Security is one of the main pillars of the Government of Aruba. This succeeds partly by advising the Government of the Netherlands. The international coastguard of the Aruban, Dutch and U.S. Navy concerns besides the presence of a Dutch naval base in Aruba for an extra security dimension.

A stable political climate:
Aruba is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It has the Dutch legal system in Aruba makes it extremely safe and reliable investment is.

Good telecommunications and Internet capabilities:
You can from Aruba worldwide reach your loved ones and your business maintain business, both through normal telephone lines or via Internet.

Your money is safe in Aruba
There are many international banks located in Aruba, both from the Netherlands and the U.S.A. The government tax incentive opportunities for people who want to invest in Aruba and Aruba who want to make their home.

Business opportunities
Aruba is located between the U.S.A., Latin America and Europe and is therefore ideal situated for many regional and Commercial Affairs. Aruba is one of the largest free zones in the Caribbean, linked to the tax-free capabilities of the Aruban government, Aruba is one of the most attractive islands in the Caribbean.

Refuge for 'short / Rapid "holidays:
These same geographic location gives you many options for a quick but short vacation from Aruba to Latin and Central America, or the other Caribbean islands. Aruba is easily accessible international, both by air and by ship.

Aruba Property Land
Property Land that Aruba Vacation Park was built, is very scarce in Aruba.

18 ARUBA hole International Championship golf course:
For the keen golfer this is a must, if you're considering a home in Aruba or Rent Aruba Aruba Villa or Apartment to buy.